Hello & Welcome to Stafford Crossing


Welcome To Stafford Crossing

Welcome to Stafford Crossing Condominium Homeowners Association website!  We hope that you will find this to be valuable resource for keeping up with what is currently going on in your neighborhood.  Most of the pages listed are static pages meaning they will not allow for homeowner comment, but or merely here for your review.  Should you see any errors in the information please do not hesitate to contact your manager and let them know, so that it can be corrected.

We have created a page for all the homeowners to use as the blog where everyone can converse amongst themselves.  Please keep it civil!!!  Now back to our Welcome Message!!!

Welcome to Stafford Crossing

First of all, WELCOME! We trust that you will find living in Stafford Crossing a pleasure.  We think we have the best community in the Asheville area!

You may already be aware that condominium living differs from living in a private home.  You are now part of a condominium association, a type of ownership in which each owner not only holds title to a unit, but also holds property in common with all other homeowners.

If you have never lived in a condominium community before, you may not be aware that we, like other communities, have restrictions, i.e., some prohibitions and requirements set out in our legal documents.  These documents are duly filed in the Henderson County Courthouse.  These documents authorize our Condominium Association to elect a Board of Directors, which in turn is authorized to pass Rules and Regulations and to issue fines for on-going violations.  Before fines are issued, written warnings are always sent first to residents who violate either the Declaration restrictions or the published rules.  To avoid any problems with compliance, we encourage you to become well acquainted with the published rules enclosed in this packet, as well as the restrictions in the Declaration of Condominium For Stafford Crossing Condominiums and the Bylaws of Stafford Crossing Condominium Association, Inc.

Your Association has its own Board of Directors. They are elected at each annual meeting which is held in June.  Board Members are elected to 1- to 3-year terms on a rotating basis.  The Board of Directors is elected by the owners to oversee general operations, care and maintenance; but we all are accountable for what goes on in our units and in the community. Members of your Board are all volunteers. The Board of Directors meets monthly, the third Monday of the month.  Notice of location and time will be placed at the mailboxes for your information.

Our community is made up of 137 units – therefore 137 owners – all of whom want things done their way.  Your Board has been elected by the owners to make decisions to maintain the community and its property values for all owners.  Sometimes we have to make decisions that some owners disagree with, but in the end, the Board must do what is right for the community as a whole.

Your Board of Directors is tasked with the responsibility of maintaining good financial stability by growing cash reserves that allows us to make repairs/improvements to the property.  Our goal is never to have a special assessment, but instead plan well to have enough reserves on hand to meet any financial demands placed on us.

We hope you will join us at our monthly Board Meetings and our Annual meeting.  We welcome all residents to come and participate!

Do not hesitate to bring us your questions and concerns. Again, WELCOME!

Your Board of Directors

Stafford Crossing Condominium Association, Inc.

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